Casino Gitano


What do people want to see when they go to see a live band? They want to be

entertained and afterward remember

 night of dancing with genuine smiles on their faces.


Casino gitano is the epitome of a live Band

 Wiith musicians of different origins (France, Croatia, India, Germany), they create a unique blend of stomping Gypsy Polka rhythms, melodic Balkan beats, and a live performance full of vitality and energy.

The musicians of Casino Gitano have shaped Berlin’s music scene for many years. Like a chameleon, Casino Gitano constantly reinvents itself.

 Returning to their musical roots as grunge and punk musicians of the early ’80s and ’90s, they combine elements of Gypsy, swing, jazz and flamenco with punk influences.img_0930

    Casino Gitano played in various formations, in the bars and clubs of Berlin and rocked the stages of Germany and Europe. Through the years they received invitations to the craziest events and festivals all over (Europe—in Moscow,Antwerp, Berne, and Fusion),to name just a few.